Benefits of botox injection for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic dentistry is one of latest and modern dental cosmetic surgery in recent years. There are many specialized cosmetic dentist provide safe and reliable dental procedures in Australia. For cosmetic surgery, there different types of injection and medicine can be used. Among all of them, botox injections is very popular and common. In other word , we can introduce it as anti wrinkle injection.  Botox is one of the topics people have broken swords over in recent years. It is definitely the talk of the town and neither side seems to be interested in changing their opinion. But what is it about Botox? Is it good? Perhaps it is one of the worst things invented. You will find that the opinions are different, but it is no surprise because plastic surgeons will certainly have a different opinion than people interested natural beauty. In the end, you are the only person who can decide what you think. Here are a couple of things you should consider before either dismissing Botox or delving into it.



Some of core benefits are : 

Cost effective

As we know, most of anti wrinkle injections are bit expensive and rare to find local pharmacy. However, botox is bit cost effective compare to other cosmetic medicine. Let’s start with the positive impact Botox can have if you decide to go for it. One of the most important aspects for people will be the monetary investment. Injections are not extremely cheap, but they are in the range between 170$ to about 350$ so if you want or need them – it is not that dramatic.

Fast results

The instant gratification monkey in people will be extremely satisfied since you can see the results quite soon after you start the course. The longest time it might take is around a week but that is not long at all since other methods could take months. It’s not the most pleasant of procedures, but it happens quickly, so you don’t have to suffer for hours.

Least harmful

Australian dental or health authority is very careful for approving any types of health related products or medicine. Each things need to test and approved by local authority before consuming local market. Same procedures applied for botox injection as well.  It is one of the least invasive procedures in the cosmetic surgery world. You might have thought about getting some work done, but perhaps this is the way to go. There will be no scarring and permanent damage to your body.

Little or no side effects

According to most dental cosmetic specialists, botox injection has not any side effects for human face. You have to remember that Botox is still a type of medication, so you cannot forget the possibility of side-effects. Most of them will come and go very soon so you will be right as rain in no time.


Botox can be used not only for cosmetic surgery but also the medical treatment of different conditions. It makes the medication versatile and you might not know that your condition can be solved using Botox.

Can help with migraines

Many people has problem with migraines. If they undergo with anti wrinkle injections treatment, it might help them to sort migraines problem as well.   Yes, you might not have known but Botox has been prescribed for people who suffer from these debilitating headaches. It will be a long procedure but perhaps it is worth a try.


As with all medication, there are downsides to it, and you should carefully consider them before deciding for or against the treatment.


Facial care – Botox

What need to consider while choosing botox injection 

Doesn’t last long

In many cases the results are temporary, so it might become an expensive habit if you decide to go with it.


Most of dental procedures are very painful. Similarly , anti wrinkle injections or cosmetic dental treatment can be bit painful as well.  If you are sensitive to pain, this treatment might not be for you. Even though it is relatively quick, it is still a needle going in your face.


If you need to be out in public, maybe leave the Botox off for the time being as there will be bruises.


If you want to keep the effects up it will take your time, so you will need to be quite resilient.


Make sure you are not allergic to it before you schedule your first appointment. It is still a drug and therefore can cause an allergic reaction.

If you have decided to go for the treatment, there are a couple of things to remember. They include

– Talk to your primary care physician before you purchase anything. In Australia, you can not purchase any types of medicine with out physician prescription. If you plan to take anti wrinkle treatment, it is highly recommended to consult with your local general practitioner or physician.

– Make sure your health allows you to have the treatment. As i already mentioned that anti wrinkle is bit painful. If you have other health issues, you should not undergo this treatment or your need to consult with your cosmetic surgeon regarding health problem.

– Only go to a certified professional. i truly believe that most Australian dental centers have certified and experienced dental professional for any types of cosmetic surgery.

– Use only good sources. I personally recommend  to visit local pharmacy or local dental centers for buying botox injection.

– Don’t buy online if you are not sure. There are many online based retailer or websites supply cheap botox injection. You must avoid to trade from them because you are not sure regarding quality or brand issues.

– Give yourself time to research, find the best professionals and afterward – heal



If all of these things are checked off the list and you still want to go for it – go for it. Botox can prove to be beneficial as a treatment and can make you gain confidence.

To sum up, Botox injection can be very handy for anti wrinkle injections. Most of Australian dental centers or private dentist provide this treatment. However, it is highly recommend to visit experienced and specialized cosmetic dentist for undergo these treatment.


Benefits of botox injection for cosmetic surgery

The 6 key things worth consideration when visiting an oral surgeon in New Zealand

People today are able to maintain their natural teeth very late into their lives. They are also able to enjoy remarkable oral health throughout this period. This has been made so by the availability of a variety of oral surgeons that have specialized in different parts of tooth care. There are several oral surgeons available so you need to be keen if at all you intend to get the best dental care for your teeth. Normally, people visit local dentists or general dental care professional regarding regular dental check-up or general dental procedures. If any things very critical, they need to undergo to oral surgeon for taking surgery or dental treatment. In addition, oral surgeon might take procedure for post and pre surgery. There are many experience and trained oral surgeon in Auckland, New Zealand. Some of are : 1. Dr. Lance West ,   2. Neil Luyk    3. Jason Erasmus  4. Nigel Parr   5.  Wayne Gillingham and more. They are leading oral specialists in New Zealand. Mainly, oral professional might practice in  private clinic or they might have affiliation with local clinic or hospital. It is very important to choose friendly and experienced oral specialists for taking surgery. I am going to illustrate some of common things to look for before making appointment.

I would recommend you to check out the Six core things to look while visiting oral surgeon.

oral surgeon nz

Whether you have dental problems for example cavities or you are simply looking for ways to maintain your teeth in good condition, you need to consider the following before you meet the dentist.

1. The educational status of the oral surgeon

First of all, different dental schools have different reputations. The practice as a whole also changes on a daily basis. There have also been major advances on the field for example newer materials used in bonding and filling. You need to find a surgeon that keeps up with these new developments by engaging actively in the continuing education. In New Zealand, Otagao University is one of the leading medical school that produces many successful and qualified oral surgeon. Beside, there are many oral specialists who came to New Zealand from Australia, United kingdom or United States of America. So, you might do bit research regarding surgeon’s education background as well.

2. The technology used

A reputable oral surgeon must be using the latest technology to provide care to the clients. These include the use of a laser which shines a light on the teeth and can determine the presence of a cavity. There is also the CEREC that can solve most of your dental problems including providing a ceramic crown in only a single visit. Another noticeable technology would come in the form of ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasonic gadgets vibrate and remove calculus and plaque from your teeth and areas below your gum. They are way better than hand scrapping. They even remove tougher stains like tobacco. An ideal surgeon will also have Digital X-ray equipment. They are easier to read and you can even manipulate the contrast. This makes diagnosis making more accurate. Better still, they use lesser radiation as compared to films. These devices can be expensive but you are worth the cost. Some of latest dental equipment’s are :

  1. Villa Rotograph Evo Digital Panoramic and Ceph
  2. Zoom! Whitening, Philips Zoom Ultimate Protocol
  3. Gendex Intraoral Digital X-ray
  4. Picasso Laser
  5. Intra-Oral Camera
  6. Vita digital shade guide
  7. X-Smart Plus Endomotor
  8. Sybronendo Elements Obturation
  9. Sybronendo Obtura
  10. Endo Activator
  11. Morita Root Zx II Apex Locator
  12. Protaper and Reciproc File System
  13. Air Polishing
  14. Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine
  15. Alginate mixer
  16. Biosonic UC125 Ultrasonic Cleaner and many

You may ask dental receptions or dental assistants regarding what types of technology, they are using. It might give you clear idea and confident while taking dental surgery.

3. Laboratory used

There is a notion that the dental laboratory might be as important or even more important as compared to the dentist. This is quite true because it is in these labs that orthodontic appliances, dentures, crowns and restorations are made. There are those dentists that prefer cut-rate domestic or foreign labs in order to maximise profits. Such are the labs which still use lead and aluminium in their restorations. Lack of information about the laboratory your surgeon is using can be costly in the end. You need to find a surgeon that works in a reputable lab that even offers warranty to its products. In New Zealand, there are many dental laboratory available. Some oral center has their own dental laboratory as well.

4. Type of specialty

This is a common problem faced by many New Zealander. Take for example a case where you need dental implants. A periodontist is better equipped to handle the issue. They specialize in the gum tissue and the underlying bones in the teeth that are vital information needed for dental implants. Most clients however see oral surgeons as the best qualified lot to handle the implants. Know your condition and find a specific professional to help you deal with it. Similarly, some oral surgeon may specialized on corrective jaw surgery. He or She might not specialized on dental brace treatment. So, it is important to find our highly specialized surgeon . It is not hard to sorted this issues. You may search on google or check some of their news regarding specialty or ask your oral surgeon regarding that.


5. What filling material is the oral surgeon using

New Zealand health council is very stick regarding public health. They only allow high quality and safe dental material. Each dentists or oral surgeon can only use these certified dental filling material or dental equipment. So you may not be worried regarding this . However, you may ask to dental assistant or check website regarding these issues. Even though the FDA does not oppose mercury filling, mercury is poisonous to the body at certain levels. It also leads to cracked teeth due to its expansion and contraction capabilities as a result of temperature changes. A better alternative is the use of composite fillings. This actually makes the teeth stronger by bonding. It also requires less tooth structure removal and is less sensitive to both cold and heat.

6. The medical advice offered

A good dentist will adequately advice you on better domestic care for your teeth. Take for example on the care of dentures, an inexperienced surgeon will tell you not to wear dentures at night. A reputable one will however advice you to do so as it will keep the airway passage open. Are you looking forward to seeing an oral surgeon for your dental care? If yes then what you simply need is the Six core things to look while visiting oral surgeon list.

To sum up, New Zealand has well balanced dental infrastructure. Each city or small suburb has quality dental clinic and dentists . However , we have lack of quality oral surgeon in many small or countryside . Beside, oral surgery can be  bit expensive as well. It is important to find highly experienced and trained surgeon for major dental procedures. Hope, above points might help you to select oral surgeon in New Zealand

The 6 key things worth consideration when visiting an oral surgeon in New Zealand

After Hours Dental Services in Australia

What should you do if you or your family member requires urgent or after-hours dental care? Well, before an emergency arises, you need to know how to contact the dentist in case of urgent dental care services or treatment after regular office hours. Normally, dentists have a means of being reached in case of a dental emergency. They can also make prior arrangements with fellow dentists in case they won’t be available to provide treatment to you when you urgently need it.


If you or your family member has got special needs, it is important to ask your dentist about his/her accessibility to their office before calling for an appointment. The dentist will let you know if their office is open, putting your unique needs into considerations.

Why after hours dental services are necessary?

Any dental issue that requires immediate cure in order to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, save a tooth or relieve severe pain is regarded as a dental emergency. An abscess or severe infection in the mouth, for instance, can be life-threatening and needs to be dealt with immediately. There are many dental clinic offer after hours & emergency dental services in Melbourne, Australia. However, most of clinic charge double for after hours support. According to dental expert,s government  should  facilitate after hours health care support for emergency cases.

Other dental problems that would require after-hours dental services include:

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth requires urgent attention. If proper emergency steps are followed right after knocking out your tooth, then the tooth will have higher chances of being reinserted and preserved by the dentist.

Loose tooth, out of alignment tooth

If you have a loose tooth or one that is out of alignment, it’s nice to call your dentist and schedule for an emergency appointment. In the meantime, try using your finger to put back the tooth in its original position. Be careful not to force it.

Cracked, Chipped, or Fractured Teeth

A Chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt does not usually constitute a dental emergency. You can even wait for a few days before you see a dentist. Just be careful while chewing so that you don’t chip it more.

A fractured or cracked tooth is more serious and constitutes a dental emergency. Having a fractured or cracked tooth suggests that the inside, as well as the outside of your teeth, is damaged. Call your dentist immediately and schedule an emergency appointment if you have a fractured tooth.

Tissue Injury and Facial Pain

Any injury inside your mouth like puncture wounds, tears, and lacerations to the cheeks, mouth, tongue, and lips are all tissue injuries and are considered a dental emergency.

Clean the area that has tissue injury immediately using warm water. You should visit an oral surgeon as quickly as possible.

How to deal with after-hours dentists?

Thousands of dentists are practising in different locations, specializations and office hours and this makes it difficult to find the right dentist. So how do you narrow down your search to one dentist who will cater to your dental emergencies as well as those of your family members?

If your general dentist thinks that you require treatments that are outside his/her ability, then they will refer you to an appropriate specialist. It is, however, good to know that many of these general dentists can perform some of the treatments done by dental professionals.

After Hours Dental Services in Australia