Why are emergency dentists important in Australia?

Emergency dental procedures are very important for any people. Some dental clinic mainly offer emergency dental treatment and after hours care in Australia. Everyone deserves the benefits of dentistry services particularly since oral health and hygiene considerably affects general well-being. Australia is one country where oral health is very much regarded an indispensable aspect of general health very much. Dental health does not limit to dental diseases and oral care. Of course, it involves much more than that. It is simply because, unforeseen accidents can befall any one and they can very well involve gums and teeth. Basically, Melbourne is the one of the popular city for getting emergency dental care. There are many dental centers have experienced and trained  emergency dentists in Melbourne, Australia. However, we need more specialized after care dental hospital in Melbourne and other city. Normally, after hours dentists are very handy for uncertain teeth injury or dental pain.  Therefore, the best tip any dentist in Australia can offer his/her patient would be the contact details of emergency dentist!

The Australian Dental Council sees to it that an average dentist practicing in the country does more than cleaning, pulling out or drilling the teeth! A dentist here is expected to possess the following qualities-

  • Considerable clinical expertise and knowledge that includes not only recognizing various disease conditions but also choosing the most appropriate and least invasive therapy along with medications
  • Excellent communication skills and great interpersonal skills
  • Thorough professionalism to ensure patient-centered care
  • Health promotion by highlighting the importance of oral health and prevention of dental diseases and those of the gums.


Prompt treatment of a dental emergency provides comfort to the patient and can save the tooth as well. Conditions other than accidents also call for emergency dental care and incidentally, all these emergencies do not typically cause pain. It can happen to all at least once in their life-time. Some of quick dental procedures can save valuable teeth from loosing as well. Let us now find out what exactly is considered as a dental emergency.

1. Knocked out tooth as in accidents- if the tooth can be found, it can be replaced back in the socket. But for this, time is critical. So, it is crucial to seek emergency dental care. In this case, there is no time to wait . If they are not getting emergency dental care, they might loose teeth permanently.

2. Tooth ache with swelling that does not respond well to analgesics needs immediate attention of a dentist. Many of such aches are triggered by hot or cold beverages. Sometimes, the pain can originate from the gums also. Only a dentist will be able to locate the source unerringly. Kids are basically face this type of problem. They are not aware for teeth and having ice-creme or cold beverages. For this reason, they might face teeth ache with terrible dental pain. Emergency dentists can give quick medication to relief teeth pain.

3. Fractures, cracks or chips in tooth – if there is soft tissue damage and exposure of the nerve with pain, instant treatment is called for or else the tooth cannot be saved. We normally face this type of problem for sportsman. They might cracks or fractures tooth and they need urgent procedures for soft tissue damage and exposure of the nerve.

4. Bitten cheeks or lips need prompt treatment. In fact, any soft tissue injury needs to be attended promptly to avoid infection, which can be nasty. It is really funny but 30% Australian people visit dental clinics with bitten cheeks and lips last year. So, these case might be well care off by experienced emergency dentist.

5. Jaw pain, jaw locking- etc. can be extremely uncomfortable and painful and require emergency service of a dentist. According to recent research, 20% Australian having lower or upper jaw problem. They need immediate surgery for jaw pain. In this case, emergency oral surgeon can be handy for them.


What are the benefits of seeking the services of an emergency dentist?

Australia is one of well developed country with established health Eco-systems. We are having world class dentists, doctors and other health professionals. In addition, most of Australian dental clinic might require appointment before undergo dental procedures. They may not allow after hours or emergency patients.  Some of core benefits of seeking the services of an emergency dentist are :

1. Alleviating the annoying pain if that is the cause will be the first and foremost because dental pains are the worst. Finding the source and getting rid of the cause require the expertise of a dentist. Children or young people may not tolerate huge dental pain. They might require urgent dental procedures or medication to relief pain.

2. Often, ignored dental pains escalate into an emergency necessitating an urgent attention of the dentist.

3. Underlying medical conditions if any will be brought into light and can be attended to.

4. In life-threatening situations like bleeding, emergency dentist might be saving your tooth as well as your life! Some of dental procedures , for example, oral surgery, brace surgery, corrective jaw surgery or other procedures might require after hours procedures or urgent dental care. In this situation, emergency dental center can be life saving as well.

5. A visit to the emergency dentist can save your tooth as in knocked out tooth in accidents. Simply take the tooth, remember to hold it by crown and watch it getting replaced inside the socket where it belonged!

6. Cracked tooth or fractures or chips can result in food particles getting trapped inside causing pain and swelling.

7. With an emergency dentist, there is absolutely no need to wait for days or weeks to get the care you need.

8. After hours’ services are provided by the emergency dentists, at any time you need! Some times , we are busy with regular work schedules or job. It can be hard to get leave or visit during work time. In this situation,  after hours dentists are very useful.


Are there any negative sides to opting for emergency services?

Well, some people still blame that we do not need many emergency dental center . We have enough clinic in Melbourne. They added, some of after hours treatment invoice them double money and dentist was not experienced. Some of core downsides are :


1. In Australia, most of the emergency dental services are available in public hospitals, though not conditions like tooth ache. In such situations, if you are not covered by insurance, the private emergency dental services can cost the earth and might be unbearable.

2. Big bills are always a worry to anyone even with dental insurance. As know, Australian government has not any public fund for dental procedures. Most of dental treatments are very expensive in Australia and after care support almost double than normal dental procedures.

3. Emergency treatment might not be over with a single sitting. In conditions that require surgery, the treatment period is also automatically prolonged, though it is no fault of the dentist.

4. Experienced Dentists : Most of dental clinics have experienced and trained dentists in Australia. However, 90% dentists love to work during normal working hours. They deny to work after hours. For this reason, most of after hours dentists are less experienced and work with out experienced supervision.

5. Lack or oral hygienists : Normally, each dental center need to have oral hygienists. However, some people claimed that some of emergency dental center has not enough oral hygienists .

All said and done, emergency dental service is certainly convenient when disaster strikes!

To sum up, It is really glad to inform that most of Australian city has enough emergency dental clinic. They are working hard to provide affordable & urgent dental care.



Why are emergency dentists important in Australia?

Top 10 things to look before visit local dentists in Annandale, Australia

Annandale is a suburb in the  of Sydney, in the state of NSW, Australia. Annandale is located within 5 kilometers west of the Sydney CBD business district and is part of the local government area. There are approximately 8,669 people live in this small town. However, many people come to work from other suburb as well. Some  of suburbs around Annandale are : Lilyfield Rozelle,  Leichhardt,  Glebe,  Petersham, Stanmore and  Camperdown.

This small suburb has many reputed medical centers, dental centers and one specialized hospital. Some of reputed Annandale dentists are : Pal Gopal, Egber Mark, Steven R Johnson and more. Most of dentists offer private dental procedures in this area. Some of dental center offer affordable & after hours dental treatment as well. However, it is highly recommended to visit experienced and friendly dental professionals.

People get the feel of apprehension each time they go to the dentist. It’s possible that the reasons could be because we don’t understand fully how dentists deal with our teeth and different dental procedures. Our teeth is unique to us, it’s actually one way to identify who we really are. So if your friend told you that his dentist did this kind of procedure on his teeth and he felt pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same procedure applies to you. How will you know what must be done on your teeth? Don’t rely on “No Pain, No Need to check” ideals, because most of the time, that’s a pitfall. Brave your fears and visit a dentist.


1. Dentist or Orthodontist?

It is really complicated to differentiate dentist and orthodontist. As most of dental treatment done by both types of practitioner. Most of the times we are confused of the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist. It’s just simple.

Orthodontists – specialize in aligning jaws and straightening teeth. They are also the ones who studied and are knowledgeable in the latest technology in straightening your teeth. Mostly, they are highly specialized for different oral surgery , for example corrective jaw surgery or others.

Dentists – Most of general dental procedures done by dentist. For example, clean teeth, fill cavities, ensure oral hygiene and check your general oral health.

Don’t worry because most clinics in Australia have the combined powers of a dentist and an orthodontist. Or sometimes they are all ortho. Your dentist will recommend an ortho anyway if your teeth needs one.

2. Some people, try to get appointment from well reputed and highly experienced dentist from same suburb or other town as well. However, it is highly recommended to visit local dental center. Because, some of dental procedures might need after hours or emergency dental support. If you have local dentist, you might visit after your working hours as well.   So it is really good idea to look for local clinics in your area – there’s no better way for you to find your dentist than to look for one locally.

3. Door to door research – You can do a bit of a scavenger hunt if you like – that is going from one clinic to the other and get to interact with the staff and your dentist or ortho and ask questions.


4. Online Research – If you don’t have time to go on a door to door spree, go check out your local clinics’ websites or patient reviews to know more about a certain doctor or clinic. Not all the things you want to know are on their site though, so you might want to give them a ring and ask the services they offer. You may check health directory websites or local directories patient review dental clinic.

5. Ask your friends – It won’t hurt to ask friends for recommendations in looking for the right fit clinic for you. Although their case is different Than yours, you will still at least get a general idea about how they deal with their patients. 70% Australian patient choose dentist or doctor from friends or family members recommendation.

6. Know why you need to go – a visit to the dentist must not always be because of a toothache or cavity. Regular visits to the dentist ensures oral health. Some times people get confused to select dentist. For example, if you need teeth implants, you should visit dental center who specialized on implants. If they provider oral surgery or children dentistry, you should avoid these clinic.

7. Don’t be scared to ask questions! Your dentist does not have ESP to know the things you want to know without you asking it out. Some people specially children’s  are very scared to tell dental problem or ask further question to dentist. It is not a good idea. You should ask question regarding dental treatment, post or pre surgical procedures or special diet.

dentists australia

8. Check your dentist’s background – Do this by simply looking at the posted certificates on their clinic walls or health directory website. Most of dentists has professional page or article published online. If you have time, you may look for that.

9. Build relationships – once you find the One, start making a friendly conversation, share insights, maybe bring some cookies or flowers on your next visit. You’ll be comfortable and will look forward to your next appointment for sure. 60% Australia love to have family dentist or local professional. It is easy to build friendly relation.

10. Open wide and say “ahh” – now that you’ve established your grounds, there’s no reason to be frightened anymore. Trust your dentist and you will be rewarded with a healthy and beautiful smile.

To sum up, teeth is very important organ in our body. We must need to give extra concern regarding any issues. Some people always try to get cheap dental procedures or take overseas poor dental treatment for saving money. It is not a good idea. It might affect very seriously with in short time. It is highly recommended to visit local dentist.



Top 10 things to look before visit local dentists in Annandale, Australia