Advantages of having local dentists in Australia

Doctors or Dentists are very important role in our community. Each country has well-structure health systems. Similarly , Australia is one of the leading developed country which has very good health care system. Dentists or doctors are getting top salary in this country. Government is try to to ensure quality health care system . Australian health systems are collaborate with public, private and community health care system. Some of dentists are doing private practices by them self. Each state, each town or each small town has enough dental care in Australia. Australian people loves to have family dentists or local dentists. They are not feeling comfortable to travel other city or town for getting dental or medical care.

So, local dentists is very popular in Australia. Dr. Raymond is popular local dentists in Rutherford, NSW. He told “Australian people are used to with family dentists. They can easily take dental procedures from local & friendly dentists . Children has not feel scary when they take dental treatment from their family dentists or dental clinic. Local dentists are more effective for getting after hours care or emergency dental support.” However, according to a report last 2016 from many  Australian population avoid the local dentist due to high costs for dental procedures or dental products . Most of the complainants found the rates too expensive and even a portion of those who have health insurances still do whatever they can to avoid the dentists’ chair. Having said such, this article is made to provide facts and factors you should consider in deciding whether or not to visit your local dentist here in Australia.

family dentists in Australia

Dentistry in Australia is a very known choice of course among young people. It involves a lot of rigorous work matched with the study of high technology equipment that has helped move forward the dentistry world as a whole. Australia offers numerous Colleges that offer high quality dentistry education. The Universities of Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia, Adelaide, and even LaTrobe and Griffith University are some of the options an aspiring dentist residing in Australia have. For those having a hard time finding a local dentist near their area, seek help from different local directory website or local deal website. . They assist users to all the possible dentists near your area as long as you’re from Australia or Switzerland. Recipients of a Centrelink issued Pension Concession or Healthcare card can access local public dentists around Australia. All guides regarding this matter can be found at the Australian Government Department of Health website.


All of these being said, here are 5 reasons why it is best to visit a local dentist in Australia:

1. Advanced technology and equipment

Their relatively higher rates and more expensive charges comes with certain advantages. Some of the most modern and advanced equipment are being used by local Australian dentists. Digital X-rays, VELscopes, HealOzone technology, and even Nitrous Oxide sedation, and many more advanced dental treatments are at the palm of your hands with your local dentist here in Australia. If you have modern & latest dental technology in your same locality, you are need to burn fuel to visit other suburb or  town. Most importantly, you can easily take appointment and adjust with your working schedule.
2. Experienced Dentist:  

You can easily get idea or info regarding same community dentists. You can easily find out dents are very well trained or not. In Australian health system, you need to have proper work experience and expertise before starting own practice.  All their dentists have to undergo 4-5 years of rigorous training before they can call themselves legitimately licensed dentists from Australia
3. Dental Events being held regularly –

Dental events are a regularity in Australia. With this, you can be sure that the dental experts that handle you in Australia are full of experience and information. This will also assure any problems or complaints by the whole dental clientele body to be immediately heard due to these regularly held conferences. Local dental clinic might arrange different health care events or seminar  for local community. It might give you confident to take dental or oral procedures.
4. High quality education –

Australia has one of best education system. We have world class medical or dental school. Who took dental or medical degree from Australian University, they must  be very knowledge and expertise. So, you might confident regarding your dentists expertise.  Even on the first year of most colleges, physical practice is already being encounter by future dentists in Australia. Experience is one of the main strengths of local dentists in Australia thus promising you quality service all the time.
5. Availability of Local Public Dentists in Australia –

In Australia, we need to spend very busy time . We have many commitment each day. It might not worth to go other city during huge traffic for dental treatment. If you have local dentists appointment, we can easily schedule beside our working hours. Beside, we can easily get local & public fund for dental practices. Recipients of a Centrelink issued Pension Concession or Healthcare card can visit branches around Australia to have their treatments for free.

According to my research , i found that most of local dental clinic offer almost all dental procedures. Services include: general dentistry, regular check-up, root canal treatment, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry , oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal or more.

So, it is very good choice to visit local dental clinic for your and your family members

Putting all of these facts in a nutshell, it is apparent that the whole Australian country as a whole supports fully the advancement of the local dentistry scene in Australia.


Advantages of having local dentists in Australia

Six Common Facts You Need To Know On Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

Medical Doctors or dentists are known all over the world to treat their patients based on the severity of their health challenge. In most cases, drugs are recommended to correct disorders, but in exceptional cases, they are left with no choice other than to prescribe surgery. A lot of times certain incident do happen that threaten the well being of our health. One example of such is an accident that causes extreme damage to the mouth, teeth, and jaw areas of the human head body which in severe cases cannot be treated by a dentist , but rather an Oral Surgeon. It might need major oral surgery by a registered and experienced oral surgeon. An Oral surgeon is a medical doctor that performs surgery on the jaws, teeth, and mouth. They are known to be able to handle more complicated treatment of the mouth, teeth, and jaw that require surgery, which a dental surgeon due to training cannot perform. One of such treatments is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, a procedure that only an oral surgeon can undergo.
One common area where an oral surgeon expertise is called upon is in the treatment of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, especially the one that involves surgery. This is a health issue that affects the temporomandibular joint present in the human head region. This in most cases arises when this joint connecting the jaw to the skull is impaired. As a result, the individual affected goes through severe pain in the joint that connect the jaw to the skull, and equally around the muscles that aids jaw movement. According to New Zealand health directory, 10% of kiwi people took TMJ disorder last year 2016. Many people are scared regarding these major dental surgery. However, surgery can be only solutions for these disorder procedures. There are many facts involve with these TMJ disorder treatment. I am going to illustrated 6 major facts regarding this disorder.


I would be sharing with you, six (6) common facts you need to know on TMJ disorder.

Six (6) Common Facts You Need To Know On Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) Disorder

1. Women are more affected by TMJ Disorder

It is really interesting that women are more likely suffered by TMJ disorder than man. Same things happen in New Zealand as well.  it is a known fact that eight (8) out of every ten (10) sufferers of this disorder are women. While a lot of studies are still being conducted on TMJ disorders, some of the things research has shown which could be responsible for these high rates in women are:

Arthritis: Women are known to suffer more from arthritis compared to men.

Vitamin Deficiencies: This has been link to the cause of TMJ disorder in women. Women are known to suffer vitamin deficiencies during their menstruation years.

The use of oral contraceptives: Studies have shown that a woman that uses oral contraceptives is more likely to suffer from TMJ disorder.

2. Women between the age of 20, and 40 years old are more prone to TMJ Disorder

As mentioned in 1 above, TMJ disorders are more common in women. Due to some of the things research have shown to be responsible for this, it is seen to be more predominant among women in their child bearing age, mostly among those between 20 and 40 years.

3. TMJ Disorder affects One (1) out of every Four (4) Adults

It is really socking news that ever one in four adults affects by critical tmj disorder Studies have shown that one out of every four adults have varying degrees of TMJ disorder. While some individual especially those with mild condition of the disorder might be able to apply some simple solutions to treat it, those with severe pain would require regular visit to the hospital.

4. TMJ Disorder can be treated surgically or non surgically 

Many people has fear regarding surgical procedures. They they face this type of disorder, they always look for non-surgical procedures. Simple solutions like eating soft food, avoiding extremely jaw movement, applying ice pack, and practicing different relaxation techniques have been demonstrated to be effective in treating patient with this disorder.

Also, surgery can be performed to treat this disorder. The use of surgery should be considered as the last treatment when other options have failed in alleviating the discomfort experienced by the patient. Depending on the severity of the condition, this can be performed either by a Dentist, Plastic surgeon, or an Oral Surgeon. Treatment by an oral surgeon mostly involves the replacement of the joint, which is seen as irreversible. Because of the sensitive nature of the joint replacement surgery, patients are advised to use it only when other options by either a dentist or plastic surgeon have failed.

5. TMJ Disorder is difficult to diagnose. 

Though a lot of things have been said to be responsible for this disorder, but the fact remain that no one have been able to know the exact cause of this disorder. This has in a way made the diagnosing of the disorder to be difficult. In addition to this, some of the symptoms individual suffering from it claimed to have are known to resemble other ailments. If anyone can diagnose this problem in early stage, it might be helpful for getting quick rid off. So, we need to meet local dentists , if we face any issues in our lower or upper jaw.

6. TMJ Disorder is associated with pains

Individual suffering from TMJ disorder are known to experience varying degree of discomfort that causes severe pain. This pain is thought to be as a result of the movement of the trigeminal nerve that passes through the jaw, when transmitting signals to the human brain.



I understand that TMJ disorder is one of the shocking and scary dental problem. It might take major surgical procedures for getting fully cure from this disorder. Good things are , we are having advanced dental technology and experienced oral surgeon. So this type of dental problem can be uprooted ,  if we can diagnose on time.

There is hope for the future, all over the world, research are currently being done by health scientists to know more about TMJ disorder, especially on issues relating to its prevention, causes, and diagnosis, and also on how to improve the quality of life of those who are suffering from the disorder.

Six Common Facts You Need To Know On Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder