After Hours Dental Services in Australia

What should you do if you or your family member requires urgent or after-hours dental care? Well, before an emergency arises, you need to know how to contact the dentist in case of urgent dental care services or treatment after regular office hours. Normally, dentists have a means of being reached in case of a dental emergency. They can also make prior arrangements with fellow dentists in case they won’t be available to provide treatment to you when you urgently need it.


If you or your family member has got special needs, it is important to ask your dentist about his/her accessibility to their office before calling for an appointment. The dentist will let you know if their office is open, putting your unique needs into considerations.

Why after hours dental services are necessary?

Any dental issue that requires immediate cure in order to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, save a tooth or relieve severe pain is regarded as a dental emergency. An abscess or severe infection in the mouth, for instance, can be life-threatening and needs to be dealt with immediately. There are many dental clinic offer after hours & emergency dental services in Melbourne, Australia. However, most of clinic charge double for after hours support. According to dental expert,s government  should  facilitate after hours health care support for emergency cases.

Other dental problems that would require after-hours dental services include:

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth requires urgent attention. If proper emergency steps are followed right after knocking out your tooth, then the tooth will have higher chances of being reinserted and preserved by the dentist.

Loose tooth, out of alignment tooth

If you have a loose tooth or one that is out of alignment, it’s nice to call your dentist and schedule for an emergency appointment. In the meantime, try using your finger to put back the tooth in its original position. Be careful not to force it.

Cracked, Chipped, or Fractured Teeth

A Chipped tooth that doesn’t hurt does not usually constitute a dental emergency. You can even wait for a few days before you see a dentist. Just be careful while chewing so that you don’t chip it more.

A fractured or cracked tooth is more serious and constitutes a dental emergency. Having a fractured or cracked tooth suggests that the inside, as well as the outside of your teeth, is damaged. Call your dentist immediately and schedule an emergency appointment if you have a fractured tooth.

Tissue Injury and Facial Pain

Any injury inside your mouth like puncture wounds, tears, and lacerations to the cheeks, mouth, tongue, and lips are all tissue injuries and are considered a dental emergency.

Clean the area that has tissue injury immediately using warm water. You should visit an oral surgeon as quickly as possible.

How to deal with after-hours dentists?

Thousands of dentists are practising in different locations, specializations and office hours and this makes it difficult to find the right dentist. So how do you narrow down your search to one dentist who will cater to your dental emergencies as well as those of your family members?

If your general dentist thinks that you require treatments that are outside his/her ability, then they will refer you to an appropriate specialist. It is, however, good to know that many of these general dentists can perform some of the treatments done by dental professionals.

After Hours Dental Services in Australia