What You Should Know about Dental Implants

What is a dental implant? How does it work? Those are a few of the questions you may be asking yourself.  Dental implants are not only strong but also durable.  Why durable and strong? Fortunately, the article will expound what dental implants mean and other details.

Safe Dental implants refer to artificial teeth roots placed on jaws to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. They make the better option for individuals who have lost their teeth. The loss can be attributable to various reasons. They include injuries, diseases, and others. To better understand how dental-implantsdental implants function, learning more about the types is prudent. They consist of the following:


It is the commonly used implant. It comprises of blades, cylinders, and screws placed carefully and surgically in jawbones. Each and every implant holds a single or many prosthetic teeth. Conventionally, it is utilized as an alternative for persons with removable dentures or even bridges.


These are put on top of the jaw. It has its metal framework posts protruding through the gum. At that, the prosthesis gets held well. Majorly, they serve as an alternative for patients who cannot wear conventional dentures. Besides, they are used for individuals who have low bone weight.

Implant materials

Pure titanium

It is not only highly accepted but also chosen. It is because of its high bonding ability with bones.

Titanium alloy

It’s ability to bond with bones is very high. That is the primary reason it is widely used in making dental implants. It is just like the pure titanium.


It is not only aesthetic but also long-lasting. It may be subjected to wear by opposing teeth. Also, forceful biting can get it fractured. The material can be applied to crown’s surface. The result may be more of aesthetic than long lasting, though.

Dental implant designs depend on the structure a person’s natural tooth. Naturally, a tooth has two parts. It has the root and the crown. A dental implant treatment comprises of various pieces. In some cases, it can involve having two vital parts. The first part includes custom fabrication. Mainly, it is meant for matching the shape artificial with the natural tooth crown. The second implant replaces the root’s function.  Practically, dental implants get your lost smile back should you have lost your tooth or teeth. For truth’s sake, dental implants are strong and durable. At that, embrace it.

What You Should Know about Dental Implants

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